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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Los Vatos

Domingo drives, arm out
The window, tan olive skin
Against purple metal flake,
Riding low, blue exhaust notes
As the small block
Purrs and roars with
Stoplight rhythms.
Junior and Cesar jump in,
Screw-top bottle rattles
Belt buckles and key rings,
And someone turns
The music up,
Inky bass rumbles,
Bright horns, percussion
Sass back, and the
Sun sets west of Chico,
And they roll, these
Sons of poverty, heirs
To stubborn dirt, the car
A royal robe letting everyone
Know they have arrived.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Test Anxiety

Fill out your answer sheet
With a number-two pencil.
Make neat black circles.
Do not leave anything blank.
Make no stray marks.
Your exam will be machine scanned.
Raw scores will be recorded.

Fill out your pencil sheet
With answer number two
Circle neat black makes
Do not blank anything. Leave.
Make no marks strays.
Your scan machine will be examined
Recorded scores will be raw

Pencil sheet fill out
#2 answer
Black makes circles neat
Leave. Do not blank.
Stray marks no make
Examine your scan machine
Answer raw records

Answer, out
Black, blank
#2 stray
Scan scan scan
Raw circle
Do not blank


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